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Deciphering the Atari 50th Anniversary Collection Game List

***Updated 9/10/2022***

The Upcoming 9 PRGE Atari Age Releases
Ranked from Least Anticpated to Most

Funkmaster V Reviews Space Invaders

Funkmaster V Reviews KC Munchkin

KC Munchkin Alt Graphics Cheat

Funkmaster V Reviews Rescue on Fractalus!

The Complete List of
Atari 7800 Game Cartridges

Funkmaster V's Atari 7800 Bio Updated

Funkmaster V Reviews the Rampart Prototype

Funkmaster V Reviews the Pit Fighter Prototype

Funkmaster V Reviews Star Wars

Funkmaster V Reviews the GATO Prototype

Funkmaster V Reviews Tomcat

Crossbow Reviews Rampage

Crossbow Reviews F-18 Hornet

Silverback Reviews Meltdown

Silverback Reviews Sentinel

What Makes the "Super Games" Super?

Knight Guy in low res world
Castle Days Reviewed

Dragon's Descent Reviewed

Danger Zone Reviewed

Knight Guy in low res world
Castle Days - The 4 Castle Secrets

Happy Atari Age Day!
May 21st, 2022

All Atari 7800 Final Bosses Ranked
Updated w/ Knight Guy & Wizard's Dungeon!

All Atari 7800 Endings Ranked
Updated w/ Knight Guy & Wizard's Dungeon!!

Which Atari 7800 Game is the Toughest to Beat?
Updated w/ Knight Guy & Wizard's Dungeon!!

Clark Otto, Jr (FrankoDragon) Interview

Moon Cresta Reviewed

Ms. Pac-Man Reviewed

The Top 10 Games for the Atari
Ultimate Fight Stick Dual Joystick w/ Trackball & Spinner

Mario Brothers Reviewed

Kung Fu Master Reviewed

Pole Position 2 Reviewed

Funkmaster V Interviews E.X.O. Programmer Muddyfunster
(Interview Starts at 13:07)

Sailor vs. Plumber
(The Popeye/ Donkey Kong Crossover For the Ages)

Top 10 Unreleased Prototypes Ranked

Sick Pickles Unboxing With Surprises!!!

Addressing the Bentley Bear Backlash
(Is It Hard to Jump Over Jive?
Read This All the Way Live!)

What is Going On With That Toki Prototype?

Trebor's Atari 7800 Rom PROPack Update is Here!!!

Rikki & Vikki Gamebreaking Glitch Fix

Venture Reviewed

Sirius Reviewed