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7800 Rank: Unranked

Genre: Fighting

Incomplete Prototype
Get Your Tickets to Mullet Mania! Pros: Knock everyone out in God mode
Cons: Cancelled in the early stages... probably a good thing, too.
Looks More Like a Game About People at a Crappy, Shirtless, New Jersey Mall

Overview: Atari will never be known as a fighting game developer, but Pit Fighter was a title that gained some notoriety in the early 90's for its digitized graphics and underground fighting vibes. You could choose between three fighters: 2 martial artists and a Brian Bosworth-looking pro wrestler/ football player. Your character had to fight in a gauntlet of matches to eventually earn a match with the boss: A hulking mass that resembled one half of the WWF tag team Demolition. Although the game looks pretty good initially, the movements of the fighters after contact were wonky. Often times, my character would be body slamming or pile driving thin air, as the guy I was supposed to be throwing was kicking me in the head, neck and balls as I went through the motions of looking like a moron suplexing the invisible man. Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat made games like this irrelevant fast. Still, a game like Pit Fighter would have been a very ambitious port on the Atari 7800.

What We Gotz Here: This is a pretty early prototype, but where this was going worries me. All character models are the same, and the single background is really REALLY basic. In the prototype, you can move around and punch, kick and jump. You can even roll around into a ball and eventually knock people unconscious. Sometimes I could get my guy to block or lift his hands over his head like he was wanting to "raise the roof". Was this a throw attempt? There's TONS of flicker on the sprites. God mode is enabled, so you can beat everyone up without taking damage. Then, after beating the 4 guys into a bloody, lifeless pulp... you just stand there... waiting for the police to come............. and they never do. The game is devoid of everything else: menu screens, match endings, character selection, points, etc. It was canned in its early stages.

Verdict: This looks like it was going to be a bad port of a mediocre arcade game. But still, it is interesting to see what they were trying to pull off on the Prosystem. It doesn't feel like Pit Fighter, it feels like it was going to be something completely different (kind of like the 7800 version of Double Dragon).

So for that, I rate this one as Curious Oddity

Additional Information: I would like to thank myself for the screenshots used in this review, and Trebor for his compiling of all available 7800 ROMS in his ROM pack.