Top 10 Atari 7800
Unreleased Prototypes

Sirius is an excellent horizontal SHUMP that is challenging and beautiful. The game is not completed, but I have no idea what's missing besides possibly the music. This game was discovered in 2008, tweaked, and physically released for purchase. It is one of the better games for the System.

Others (like the Video Game Critic) prefer this game to Sirius, but it is a matter of taste. This vertical SHMUP was discovered on the same computer as Sirius in 2008, features simultaneous two player support and graphically impressive levels, however the boss battles are pretty lame. Technically this game is not finished, but it is hard to say what's lacking. This game was physically released for sale as well in the double aughts.

One of the most complete 7800 UP's discovered, Klax was released by ResQsoft after its discovery in 2007, and is an excellent port of the cerebral "stuff is falling" puzzle game that is only missing music and that hot girl voice.

4. Toki
This game's ROM is being sat on by its owner, and it is a shame because its virtually complete. This weird platformer is impressive because it features all of the arcade's levels, terrains, power-ups, story screens and most of it's enemies, however it pales in comparison to the NES version graphically.

5. Sentinel (NTSC version)
Sentinel is a 100% complete light gun game that was never released in the US due to the American market being dead for the 7800. It was released in PAL markets, and a 2600 version of this game was released in limited quanities. Although complete, the game is pretty monotonous. ResQSoft released the NTSC version at the same time as Klax.

6. Missing in Action
MIA is a side scrolling action adventure game featuring Chuck Norris. Incomplete, this game can still be beaten by using a guide created by Mitch from www.Atari7800.org

7. Rescue on Fractalus
Here's a beautiful game that perfectly renders the scrolling backgrounds that made other ports of ROF famous, but besides flying the ship around, you cannot do anything else in this version.

8. Pit Fighter
A very incomplete, very ugly version of the very crappy fighting arcade game of the same name. You can, however, knock a few guys out... so that's always fun.

9. Rampart
Only a few screens exist in this incomplete stab at this horribly difficult arcade game. The selection screen is functional, but what happens when the game starts is pretty odd.

10. GATO
You can cycle through four of the screens of GATO, but this sub game is devoid of any sort of gameplay.

***I would like to thank those at www.Atariprotos.com for the use of some of the screenshots used in this list.