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Trebor's Massive
Atari 7800 ROM PROPack Update

Trebor is a fella known for assembling these massive 7800 ROM packs for us plebs to drool over and enjoy. He's been doing this for years, and this week (03/19/2022) he has completed his first ROM pack update in about a year.

Wait Funk, now what is a ROM pack?

Simply stated, its a collection of files in various folders that are essentially games. You can simply "drag & drop" these files into an emulator, like raz0red's java emulator HERE, and try these bad boys out FO FREE. Trebor's ROM PROPack includes all 58 official releases, prototypes like Klax, demos, screen and sound tests, hacks like Star Wars X (which is a graphical hack of Xevious) and Possible Mission, and most importantly, these friggin' amazing homebrews..

I horsed around with these things for about an hour and here's what popped out at me:

***The Qix port called 7ix has been updated and is more playable. It's gonna be great.
***A newer version of E.X.O., Muddyfunster's cool ass space adventure is bangin'.
***That trendy game Wordle has been added... Great, playable port. But I'm thinking of a word about Wordle... Fad-le. My first word I had to guess was "Harpy". GTFO with that.
***High Card Draw is a game with great graphics that you knew you never needed.
***Cannon in D is a stylish shooting game which features an anime girl... (well, that's my guess anyway. Everyone looks like a girl in anime to me.)
***Ghost N Goblins for the 7800. Whoa.
***Pac Man Collection 40th Anniversary is totally fleshed out.
***Plumb Luck DX is a massive update of Plumb Luck... and there's something about the update that bothers me. I loved Plumb Luck... you should try both and see if I'm crazy.
***There's a nice looking Krull game being developed. Even though the arcade game and the movie Krull really kinda sucks, I still love this game for some reason.
***Ninjish Guy and Knight Guy seem to have a dozen new games hitting the universe soon. Fun stuff.
***Pac Man Plus's Galaxian is pretty amazing.
***Slimeboy in Maze Land looks like my kind of game. And it's so clean looking... especially for a game about slime. (OK... this is apparently SLIDE-Boy in Maze Land... not SLIME-boy. You guys are missing out on a marketing oppurtunity--- I'm telling ya- people love slime.)
***Morf is coming along but needs work on the colors. It is not a port of Gorf. Nor a take on Golf.
***Monster Maze looks promising... like a combination of Dark Chambers, Dungeon Stalker, and Pac Man.
***Robot Rumble sounds like a cool droid beat 'em up, but is a computer port of a unique puzzle game. The timer can go to hell, by the way.

The amazing thing about all of this is that there's over 1000 "games" you can try in Trebor's Atari 7800 ROM PROPack. Not bad for a system that only had 58 official releases. Some are halfway done, some are just tests, music videos, graphic demos, or utilities. Some have just started. Some are masterpieces. Whatever the case, there's a lot to see and do. Many of these things make you look at Karateka and Mat Mania Challenge and wonder what the hell was happening at Atari during this point in the 80's.

I feel like I should point out that not every Atari 7800 ROM is included into this collection. As Trebor himself says "any ROM not included in the PROPack is the result of the developer or/and ROM owner not permitting, or providing, a freely distributed publicly released ROM. That is most certainly their prerogative and is respected. Should that change for any aforementioned title, or if some thing is overlooked and brought to my attention, it would be included in future PROPack releases." So, just for the curious, there's no Rikki & Vikki, Toki, Putt 18, Venture, Tile Smashers, for example... so don't look.

Trebor has a great Youtube page called "Trebor's Stuff". Check it out here!~

OH! I almost forgot, to download the new ROM pack, Click here!~